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Pluma Hidalgo – Oaxaca, Mexico

79 DKK235 DKK VAT incl.

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Pluma Hidalgo – Oaxaca, Mexico

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79 DKK235 DKK VAT incl.

Smooth and creamy with a delicate fruitiness. Notes of toasted almonds, hazelnuts and dried apricots. Medium roast.

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This exclusively high-grown,  organic coffee is grown by cooperatives in the region of Sierra Sur. Small coffee producers in the area have been preserving the Typica plant variety in the Southern region of Oaxaca, on the steep slopes facing he pacific ocean. The combination of high altitude and sea winds provides a perfect microclimate for this unique coffee. The cooperative works with indigenous communities giving replantation workshops, organic composting, flora accountability, fauna preservation and soil nutrition, all in an effort to make the region socially and environmental sustainable.

Altitude | 1500-1700 meters

Processing | Washed

Species | Arabica

Traceability | Sociedad Cooperativa de Yoloandoy Loxicha


Mexico Pluma Hidalgo

Yderligere information

Vægt N/A

1000 g, 250 g

Grind Type

Whole bean, French press, Filter grind, Moka Pot

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