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Rushashi Natural – Minazi, Rwanda

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Rushashi Natural – Minazi, Rwanda

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89 DKK255 DKK VAT incl.

Sweet and syrupy with fruity notes of red grapes, papaya and strawberry. Full bodied  with an elegant finish.

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About Rushashi Natural:

We just received the new crop from our partner This Side Up, so expect some fresher flavors and try to compare how the very same coffee can taste different according to the way it is processed at the origin.

In Natural coffee, the process is to dry the cherries under the sun soon after being collected. The pulp and the skin dry out during the 2-3 following weeks and the growers must move the cherries to prevent unwanted fermentation to take place. This slow drying brings out a whole range of flavors ranging from red fruits and berries to stronger notes of fermented grape and wine.

Abakundakawa coffee producer cooperative  is located in the lush and green Gakenke district, characterised by high spiky hills at high altitude – making it ideal for high quality coffee production.  It is no coincidence that this region produces some of Rwanda’s most sought after coffees.

Abakundakawa has come a long way since it started as a smallholder farmer association in 1999. It became a recognised cooperative in 2007. Since then, in a relatively short time, Abakundakawa managed to become an advanced operation with over 2000 member farmers, that serves as a prime example of how coffee growers can turn the specialty market into a seller’s market.

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1000 g, 250 g

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Whole bean, French press, Filter grind, Moka Pot

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